About Montreal Student Living (MSL)

We're passionate Montrealers that want to help incoming tourists, students, young professionals and families enjoy Montreal to it's fullest! 
We've been involved in Montreal hospitality, real estate and nightlife and this is our way to share our passion for our favorite city in the world.
Specifically, we aim to help university students enjoy their college experience to it's fullest. All of the team members from Montreal Student Living are McGill, Concordia, HEC and UQAM graduates.

This means that we know exactly what's the best way to ace an exam, furnish a student apartment on the cheap, get into Montreal bars and clubs, just to name a few! Hit us up and we'll be more than glad to help you make the most of your student exchange or full-time university program!

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We've helped 300+ students find their ideal apartment and student residence in Montreal.


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We know the game.


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We're born and raised Montrealers with extensive hospitality connections. We will guide you to the best our city has to offer.

You Don't need to worry about navigating the Montreal housing market !


Students integrated in Montreal


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Student Living offers the most comprehensive student housing options in Montreal.
A suitable apartment in Montreal can be challenging.
Let Montreal Student Living (MSL) make the process easier.
We offer a wide range of rental properties, from student apartments to sublets, and can provide helpful resources to help you understand the rental market.
Our experienced team is here to help you find the perfect property and make sure your move-in goes smoothly.

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